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Windows XP has led to the demise of the popular Windows 7 activation key upgrade, May 5, 2014 news, Microsoft’s latest PC operating system, Windows 8.1, released in October last year to now, has been around for more than six months time. Windows 8.1 rely erode market share of Windows 8, its market share has been growing steadily, both before and after the combined share has been 12.24 percent, while Windows XP leave us almost a month, there are still 26.29% of market share

According to the latest market research firm Net Applications data released by the global operating system market share show that in April 2014, for Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 two systems, there are no small change from the previous month in terms of both combined view, then, the market share increased by 0.94 percentage points (from 11.30% to 12.24% increase). Separately, Windows 8 this month dropped by 0.05 percentage points (from 6.41 percent fell to 6.36%), while Windows 8.1 is obtained 0.99 percentage points (from 4.89% to 5.88% increase). In addition, Windows 8 market share in August last year won the biggest growth (2.01 percentage points), while in November last year, is the largest decline (0.87 percent).
Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 Product Key
At the same time, Windows 7 market share steadily increase of 0.5 percentage points (from 48.77% increase to 49.27 percent)

Windows 7 includes Ultimate, Professional, Home Premium, Home Basic, Lite, which is Windows7 Ultimate Key in one of the most versatile, is the highest market share of an operating system, Microsoft is by far the most successful one of the operating system.

Windows 7 Ultimate activation in two ways: 1, using the key to activate Retail (online activation or telephone activation); 2, analog OEM activation (or update the motherboard BIOS software emulation). The MAK key previously provided only for Windows 7 Enterprise and Professional editions, so do not mistake the system version, otherwise it can not be activated.

If you are prompted to activate: “The windows 7 product key is no longer used by Microsoft”, said key has been blocked does not have to try again;


If you are prompted to activate: “Unable to activate the windows on this computer,” said the key is still available. Then you can try to use the Microsoft Support – phone activation Windows! Telephone activation method:

– Just use the method correctly, successfully activated very easy; the key is to use Retail permanent activation; back up the activation information after activation.


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